This generation is seriously TURNT UP! And on the “real”, they need to turn down. Lil’ Jon may have been onto something when he created the song “Turn Down for What”, but for all the wrong reasons.

As many of you have noticed the level of morals, ethics and respect has taken a turn for the worst.  The decrease in morale has been evident in the scandalous reality TV shows such as Love and Hip Hop, Housewives of Atlanta and Black Ink.

Black-Ink-Crew love-and-hip-hop-atlanta

Creeping into our everyday is an epidemic called our youth. Recently a brawl took place at a McDonald’s  in Brooklyn, NY. This disgustingly disturbing brawl, involved a gang of 15 and 16 year old females savagely beating another 15 year old girl to unconsciousness. While dozens of other students and at least two adults stood by simply watching as this brutal attack took place. What is wrong with this scenario??

Rightfully so the community is in uproar. According to ABC 7 News, “The brawl sparked action in the community. Activists held the vigil for peace and to denounce such violence. “Yeah, this was the call to action – to say enough is enough,” community advocate Tony Herbert said.

Herbert recently announced a new task force called “One Family, One Community.”

“That’s going to allow us to talk to leaders and parents and organizations all over the city – even in Nassau and Suffolk counties,” he said. “We’re going to come together and we’re going to get ahead of this curve and stop this violence.”

fight16n-4-web“Young people don’t have positive images in front of them,” Herbert said. “They get these dumb reality TV shows, the violent video games and the music.”

It is Herbert’s plan, along with community leaders, parents, children and other organizations, to begin to change this type of behavior.”

We need to start somewhere people, our kids are it; if they are out of control, so are our future generations.

The violence must stop. The hate, the disregard for others, the selfish mentality, the racism, the classism, we are all equals. Damage to one affects the masses, this is the piece that everyone fails to recognize.

Just as the famous quote by Dr. Maya Angelou states “Each one, Teach one.” Together we can make it right, just as together we can equally destroy each other. What will it be?

I started this magazine to put that positive image at the forefront for our young women, and beating each other to a pulp isn’t the answer.

We need to start at home, by reintroducing manners, respect for others, boundaries, coping mechanisms and how to communicate with others. Things aren’t always going to go the way we want them to, people aren’t going to behave the way we want them to, doesn’t mean we resort to violence. We need to go back to the basics.

Our children rely on us to show them right from wrong but when their constant companion is the internet and TV, what more can you expect?

What can you do to help change this? We want to hear from you, email us at to share your thoughts.

Remember it affects us ALL!


Be Blessed



Melanie B.