Hey ladies, I know that at times we as women get so wrapped up in a world of working, spending our money on bills, being mothers and helping family/friends, that we tend to lose focus on the most important person; ourselves! For some odd reason, every so often we as women forget to be happy. We eliminate doing things that uplift us mentally and physically and forget what it means to be satisfied and content with who and what we are. We may stop buying our favorite clothes, forget about the way our hair looks or find ourselves not going out as much! These are small signs that we are humbly loosing ourselves.


For the New Year I say; let’s try doing something that will focus solely on us. This may seem selfish to some, but will unquestionably be worth it. Let this year be the year that you put yourself first. It doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the world or stop talking to family and friends! It just means that you are taking steps to finding the better “you” or simply bringing back the person you once were!


Trying something new always works. Maybe you may feel that you want to try a new hair color or new haircut, new wardrobe or perhaps a new way of speaking. Working out at least once a week, getting regular massages, something that will put you in a peaceful place and give you to time to notice how special and important you are to yourself! Try something new for the year and let us at WMDSF Mag know how it goes!