Hello all from the beautiful West Coast!!  My heart may be in NY, but California sunshine is certainly playing a hell of a game with this lady’s emotions!!  I can’t imagine being in a dreary gray funk right now when the sky is blue, the sun is shining, and the palm trees are breezing me onto the beach!!  Woo-hoo!!  All I can say is SoCal ladies are always ready for the beach in a flash; and with Summer around the corner, bathing suit season is coming up faster than we know!  I’m gonna focus on some bikinis/bathing suits, and the most ideal shape for your body.

1.  Triangle Slide Tops for the Smaller Bust

Fringe Teeny Triangle VS  Embellishments, ruffles, adornments and triangle tops are best for the smaller bust and of course padded!  The more adornments the bikini top has, the more attention is taken away from THAT fact, and given to the playfulness of the suit!  Bandeau tops are also our friends ladies, because it may seem like, “well how is she  holding that up?!”  The reality is, that it will STAY ON for us, and slide off of the bigger chested ladies!  This fringe teeny triangle bikini from Victoria’s Secret goes for $36.50.  Here are some other examples of tops for smaller busts:

SL Hot Petals Ruffle HalterSan Lorenzo Crazy Hot Petals Ruffle Halter, $50

Violet FemmeLetarte Violet Femme Slide Triangle Top $92

2.  Medium Coverage for Medium Bust

The larger your bust, the more support you will need to hold the ladies up.  Medium busts, ladies, you can wear almost any top and your girls will look good.  However, here are some SoCal favorites when it comes to the 34C girls and up:

Letarte OCB MixUpLetarte Ocean Blues Sequin Halter Top, $92

The sequins on the cups add a nice detail and the thick ties at neck wear comfortably so there is no strain on the neck.  The top has minimal padding that can be removed.

VS Paisley Banded Bottom Victoria’s Secret Paisley Push Up Halter with Banded Bottom, $28

The banded bottom on this particular paisley number gives a certain level of support to the girls and a certain measure of lift to keep them perky and at attention.

The good thing about a medium bust, is that these ladies can wear just about any top, and the girls look good: halter top, triangle top, slide ruffle triangle top, or bandeau: go for any of them and they all look great!

3.  Tops for the Larger Bust

Let me just start by putting it out there that almost 85% of the women I have come in contact with since being out here, have breast implants.  This is commonplace and it’s okay.  That being said, natural or not, it’s hard for these ladies to find the tops that fit them!  Some ladies are looking for full coverage, while others are looking for minimal-however, both are looking for support.  Here are some good ideas on what to try if you find yourself in that category:

Bombshell Underwire VSVictoria’s Secret Bombshell Add 2 Cups Push Up Halter, $58-68

Now the question probably is, why add 2 cup sizes to an already ample bosom?  The focal point here is two things: the bikini is a halter, and has underwire: the halter lifts, the underwire supports.  The pads are really something that can be removed, based on personal preference.

Demi Top VSVictoria’s Secret Unforgettable Demi Top, $52-$58

The ruching detail at the cups is a great feature and helps flatter the bust.  The halter is tied at the neck along with clasp back closure, with underwire once again.

Letarte Adjustable Halter BordeauxLetarte Adjustable Halter Bikini, $92

This bikini is one of my favorite options for those ladies with a size D chest and above.  Here’s the kicker with this though: there’s no underwire support.  Now I know I just emphatically drilled in “halter neck,” “underwire,” and “support,” but hear me out:  These bikini tops are adjustable because of the silver beads that rest by the shoulder- you can slide them up or down depending on the level of lift and support you are looking for.

VS Hottie HalterVS Very Sexy Hottie Halter, $31.99

The push up padding in this bra provides a maximum lift, with luxe fabric to provide ease of wear ability at the neck.  Victoria’s Secret has stepped up their game in terms of sizing in bikini tops- I can only hope that more and more vendors do the same, for the widely growing demographic out there.

Bikini Bottoms

Mix and match bikinis and bathing suits are the best!!  Make it your own, make it unique: own it!  The most talked about new bottoms to hit our bums out here are the high waisted bikini bottoms: providing coverage and sexiness at the same time = win win!!

Strappy High Waisted VSVictoria’s Secret Super Strappy High Waisted Bottom, $54.50

Lattice High Waist Bottom VSVictoria’s Secret Lattice High Waist Bottom, $34.50

The skirted bottoms are also making a full on comeback!  C’mon ladies, if we haven’t been hitting the gym then some of us love these babies to hide exactly what we DIDN’T work out in the gym!!

Skirted Bikini VSVictoria’s Secret The Skirted Bikini, $36.50

The beauty of the skirted bikinis?  Adjustable rise!  Slide it up, slide it down, one thing’s for sure- don’t let that cottage cheese show!


One Pieces, Tankinis, and Monokinis

Ladies if you’re figure conscious and want to enjoy yourself at the beach but too self conscious to let it all out in a bikini, no sweat!  There are plenty of beautiful one pieces out there for any and every body/bust type that will make you feel fabulous.  I keep putting Victoria’s Secret in here because quite frankly,  I find the best bang for my buck there, and they have never disappointed me!

VS Belted Asymmetric One PieceVictoria’s Secret Belted Asymmetric One Piece, $78-82

I love love love how chic this swimsuit is!  Removable padding for no nipple showing and full back coverage- fun on the beach indeed!

Unforgettable One Piece VSVictoria’s Secret Unforgettable One Piece, $88-$90

This is the perfect one piece for the D+ ladies: Fully lined cups, halter neck, and underwire cups with allover ruching.


Ladies, I think I’ve done enough here for you to get the hint!  There’s still plenty of time for that unforgettable NY heat wave when the city hits their usual power outage.  When that does happen (because let’s not kid ourselves- it is GOING to happen!), get your butt in gear and head to the beach!  But for now, head to Equinox or Crunch, or your nearest spin class- get your butt in that seat, and think about which body your bathing suit is going to wear- hide that body bathing suit, or flaunt that body bathing suit!!