Baltimore is home to Light City,  America’s first large scale festival of art, music and innovation, which got it’s start in 2016. Known for its cultural water front location in Baltimore’s downtown Inner Harbor, there is something there for everyone to enjoy. Perfect for a night out on the town with friends or date night, equally amazing for the entire family.

There were tons of live performances from music to stilt walkers adorned in all different color lights. 
















This year certainly did not disappoint, with over 10 different installations from The Herd to the infamous Octopus, which caught the attention of everyone who came across this massive moving light installment.




One of the favorite installations was the Arch which was perfect in the day as much as it hypnotized you at night. The lights were reflective during the day and lit up the sky at night. Definitely a go to for selfies and snapchat! 


Screenshot_20180426-215509_Instagram Screenshot_20180426-215557_Instagram

But there were so many other great installations moving ones that mimicked a whale, light up tunnels that you could walk through, city walk where the pavement was filled with flashing lights and patterns that played tricks on the eyes to spinning light fixtures.  Here is a sneak peak at some of them.



Photo by: Crystal Whitman

Screenshot_20180426-215352_Instagram Screenshot_20180426-215422_Instagram Screenshot_20180426-202108_Instagram 20180420_210244 20180420_211631 20180420_212526


The exhibit ran for a week and ended it’s finale with a bang, yes of course, fireworks by Grucci type of bang. What better way to cap off an event as dope as Light City than to light up the sky. 

If you missed it this year no worries it will be back for its 4th year next spring, so be sure to add it to your calendars!!