So what’s all the hype about waist training corsets? Also known as miracle shape wear, they come in many different variations and its ultimate purpose is to conceal and to minimize (as Bridget Jones would call it, your “wobbly bits”).  In a time where we are called to “embrace our curves” many women still feel the necessity to conform to society’s standard of beauty. Women want the perfect measurements, and many men praise that ideal. Due to that, there are more and more women willing to subject their selves to the pain and restriction that body shapers bring.



1700s-lacing-up-a-corsetIn the 1700’s the women of the French court coined corsets to be “indispensable to the beauty of the female figure. “Fast forward to present day and many women still have this belief. So is all the money and discomfort worth the perfect waistline these waist training corsets have said can be delivered? Being no stranger to the undergarment game, I decided to wear a body shaper every day for the whole month of February.  I would take my measurements and once a week and  give a quick, but detailed review about the pro’s and the cons of the shaper.  I am aware of several different brands but choose to go with a brand that I was more familiar from past experiences “The Squeem.”  Personally, I would not purchase a product like this without trying it on. This is definitely something to consider before purchasing. This particular shaper is from the clothing store Fashion to Figure. I get the kind that covers just the torso.

These were my results.


photo 2 photo 1

Week 1: Optimistic about this challenge I make sure to weigh-in and take my measurements to be as accurate as possible. My Current weight is 212.5lbs. My upper torso measures at 36 inches, and my lower torso is 39in. The first week is a bit uncomfortable; this being a new product it takes a couple of wears to stretch to your body. My posture is better due to the boning, and my clothing fits a bit looser because of the 2-4 inches of cinching the shaper gives. I have to pay close attention because the imprint of the shaper appears through some of the clothing I am wearing. For the first week I only wear the shaper for 3 to 5 hours including workouts.

Week 2:  The shaper is stretching out a bit and I am able to wear it on average about 6 to 8 hours each day including gym days. I notice that during meals, because of the restriction of the waist trainer, I feel fuller faster. I also don’t appear to be as bloated around my waist as I usually would be. Something else that comes to my attention is that during my abs and core routines, it is a bit harder to complete all my sets because of the restriction of the band. Overall I feel that week two is a success.


Week 3: This week becomes a bit more challenging due to my womanly duties for the month. Instead of wearing it every day for 6 to 8 hours I only wear my shaper for work out days. I work out three days this week for about one hour and forty-five minutes. So you do the math…


Week 4: This week becomes the hardest for me because after a while, the shaper feels very uncomfortable. The bones bend into my skin and it makes me itch. Holding onto its promise, the shaper is still taking off that given 2-4 inches. I end up wearing the shaper 2 to 5 hours including work outs. It is time to weigh in; my current weight is 209.2lbs. My measurements: upper torso 34in / lower torso 38 ½ in.

  During the course of the month wearing the waist trainer I lost 3.3 lbs. and also went down 2 ½ in. So does the body shaper work? I would say yes, but it’s a temporary fix to a life long journey to health. I do believe the body shaper helped me look less bloated, amongst other things; but I also feel that those days spent in the gym and my diet helped even more.  We live in a society of quick fixes, so I can understand why something like the waist-training corset has become so popular. I would definitely suggest the waist trainer for people who have a fitness goal and want assistance targeting key areas.  I would also go as far as saying with certain fashions it definitely gives you that appeal you want. But I don’t want women to misunderstand the use of the body shaper; it won’t give you an hour glass shape if that’s not your natural body type, it won’t be the most comfortable thing in the world to wear so be prepared;  it won’t solve all your weight loss problems….. What I will say is I would rather invest my time, money and efforts into becoming the best version of myself through diet and exercise, to get the body I desire rather than restricting myself  wearing something that only gives me temporary sexiness. You have to do the work, I hope this was helpful, until next time my Queens, stay royal.

Leave a comment below let’s hear your feedback. Do you wear body shaper? What do you love or hate about them? Do you agree with what I said?