March in Washington DC is known for the Cherry Blossom Festival. A famous event that has been honored since 1934. The cherry blossom trees were first brought over to DC as a gift from Japan on February 14th, 1912. 3020 cherry trees were delivered and later planted along the Potomac River. The gift was a gesture to solidify the friendship between the United States and Japan from Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo City.


In 1934, DC hosted its first ever 3 day festival called the Cherry Blossom Festival. Many come from all over the world to celebrate and witness these beautiful trees who only stay in full blossom for about 2 weeks every year.

Aside from the beauty of the cherry blossoms are the many festivities that take place during the weekend of the cherry blossom festival. There is something for everyone from the performances, the fireworks, vendors and activities like the kite flying contest to the parade.



So next March be sure to get to Washington DC to witness the beauty of these amazing Cherry Blossom Trees and while you’re here be sure to visit some of the nation’s most reviving museums like the African American Museum, The National Air &Space museum as well as the Spy Museums for all the undercover wanna be spies lol.

DC is also the place to be if you’re a foodie. Stay tuned for a run down on all the hot spots for some of the best food restaurants in town!