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Thank you for taking the time to read a magazine different from the rest. WMDSF strives to empower, encourage and uplift women to be the best they can. A place for women of every taste, women of every face, women free to be women.

Through our magazine you can get advice on marriage, dating, sex, love, medical questions, interact in live interviews, learn about new and upcoming events in NYC, discover current hotspots, restaurant suggestions for date night or for ladies night, parenting advice, political discussions, fashion forward advice, Q & A with Brutha Blunt & Sistah Truth where you get the honest answer others are afraid to give you, discussions on domestic violence and issues facing women and children, nutrition and fitness, products, cooking /new recipes, you name it we’re discussing it!

At WMDSF Magazine we want to highlight the good in what’s missing from our female bonds as wives, mothers, daughters, sisters and as friends. Allow us to take you on a journey of the senses. Life often passes us so fast we don’t get to truly appreciate what’s right before our eyes, take a minute to take it all in as we recapture those moments for you, we will reflect back all that this world has to offer us.


Yours Truly,
Melanie G. Butcher
CEO/Editor of WMDSF Magazine


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